Carpet cleaning for Berlin

We offer professional carpet cleaning from 3.90€ per square meter. Deep cleaning & shampooing, stain treatment and impregnation are included in the price.

from 20sqm: 6.90 Euro per sqm
from 50sqm: 5.90 Euro per sqm
from 100sqm: 4.90 Euro per sqm
from 200sqm: 3.90 Euro per sqm
from 500sqm: 2.90 Euro per sqm
from 1000sqm : on inquiry

Mobile carpet cleaning in Berlin on site at the desired date

Your carpet in Berlin has stains or can no longer be properly cleaned? Polsterreinigung Berlin helps you with the cleaning and uses powerful machines for carpet cleaning at your home. You do not have to bring the carpet to the nearest carpet laundry, but can have your carpets conveniently cleaned at your home.

Reliably remove stains and dirt from the carpeting

If a glass of wine has landed on the carpeting in the living room or the children have caused stains on the carpet, our thorough carpet cleaning will ensure that the impurities are removed. We rely on machines and cleaning agents of brand manufacturers to reliably remove any dirt on the carpet. We approach our customers in Berlin in advance to find out what kind of carpet cleaning is required, so that we can estimate the time and costs involved.

Powerful machines against stains on carpets

Against stains on carpets we use powerful machines, which can remove most of the stains from carpets with the help of effective cleaning agents and water. The cleaning process is very simple for you and you can see the results of our work shortly after. If you wish, you can also rent a suitable machine for cleaning carpets and remove stains yourself.

Environmentally friendly cleaning agents for allergy sufferers and children

To ensure that no health problems arise for sensitive people during cleaning, we use cleaning agents that are odorless and environmentally friendly. This means that children can quickly play on the carpet again and allergy sufferers need not fear any restrictions after carpet cleaning. We thoroughly remove the used cleaners with water after the cleaning process, so that no residues remain in the carpets after the cleaning.

No dirt in the apartment after our carpet cleaning in Berlin

During the carpet cleaning process, we take extreme care at your home so that no water or cleaning agents splash around in the apartment. After the cleaning procedure is completed, we also make sure the carpet and the surrounding area are completely clean. You do not have to worry about anything after the carpet cleaning in Berlin, but can immediately enjoy your clean carpet.

Careful cleaning procedure to avoid carpet repair

For the cleaning of dirty carpets we proceed carefully with our machines, so that material is not damaged and a carpet repair is avoided. Due to our long experience in carpet cleaning in Berlin, we are experienced with a wide range of different carpet fabrics and choose the best cleaning procedures for the particular carpet. Thus, the cleaning does not damage the fabric of the carpeting and only removes existing dirt from the fibers of the carpets.

Carpet cleaning for residential and commercial customers

In addition to private households as customers, we also clean carpets or upholstered furniture for businesses such as hotels and offices, so that they look pristine again. In doing so, we are happy to come to your business and make sure that unwanted stains or dirt are removed from the carpet. If you have a larger order and want us to clean several carpets, you can contact us for a quote for carpet cleaning in Berlin.

Carpet cleaning in Berlin possible at a fixed price

If you want to have carpets cleaned, the question of price often arises so that costs are not too high. Thus, we have introduced fixed prices for many services, so that you know exactly how much you have to pay for carpet cleaning. This way, you get an all-inclusive price and know what costs you would incur. However, we can only guarantee prices if you discuss the job in question with us in advance, as these are based on the amount of work involved.

Upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning in Berlin can be performed together

Our company takes over the reliable cleaning for carpets and upholstered furniture for you, so you can book us right away for an all-round cleaning. This way, you ensure that your sofa, carpet or armchair are freed from stains and look pristine again. Feel free to contact us for offers of joint upholstery and carpet cleaning Berlin to get more information about our price list.

Get an individual offer for carpet cleaning in Berlin

If you have several carpets that need to be cleaned, we are happy to provide you with an individual quote. Based on your description of the carpeting and additional photos, we can estimate the amount of work needed to clean the carpets, so that we can quote you a price for the work. In doing so, we will get back to you as soon as possible after contacting you so that there are no delays in carpet cleaning Berlin.

Contact us now for carpet washing and cleaning services

If you would like to book an appointment to have your carpet cleaned, you can easily contact us by phone, WhatsApp or via email. Then, we will be happy to discuss a suitable carpet cleaning appointment time that is convenient for you and the prices for the scheduled carpet cleaning. Test our professional carpet cleaning service and easily declare war on dirt on your carpets. Call now and secure your appointment!